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STARDEK I Xylene Base Coating Material (all colors)

This high solids tinted concrete coating is a professional grade sealer that has been a work horse for over 35 years. Used with STARDEK I, Stardust, and Riviera. 40 colors available or you can mix any custom color to meet your fancy.

STARDEK Resin Concentrate

Polymer made by STARDEK as a cement admixture . Proven over 35 years to provide the ultimate strength & adhesive. For use with Grout mix, Texture mix, & Super fill.

STARDEK Concentrate Cementitious Colorants -
Colors available are Buff, Black, Blue, Brick Red, Brown, Tan, Terra Cotta, White and Yellow.

These are the highest grade concentrate color available in the industry today! Used to color STARDEK II & III and used in color wipe formulas.

Hot Weather Additive

Used to slow down curing process in STARDEK I, II & III as well as Ashdek.

Grout mix - Comes in 36 lb. bag.

Why trowel base your coat when you easily spray STARDEK grout mix?
STARDEK’S Grout mixes are acrylic modified cementitious material used in the STARDEK I,II, and III application processes.

Texture Mix - Comes in 50 lb. bag.

STARDEK’S Texture mixes are acrylic modified cementitious material used in the STARDEK I,II, and III application processes. When combined with STARDEK Resin they produce an excellent multipurpose decorative floor coating system.

Super Fill - Comes in 50 lb. bag.

Modified cement, used to fill in voids with depths up to 2 inches in one application and can be feathered edged to make nearly any repair. To be mixed with STARDEK II Resin.

Crackset Mortar

This quick drying crack filler is extremely hard. Used on bridges & roads to minimize the risk of cracks re-appearing in the substrate.

Self Leveling Cement

Using Overlay primer as your first coat, this self leveling cement is great for re-finishing rough or uneven interior floors. Just add water!

Stardek II Clear Sealer

High quality premium clear sealer used for STARDEK II, STARDEK III and Stamped Overlay, as well as many other applications. Superb performance over the last 35 years.

Waterborne Acrylic Clear Sealer

Part of STARDEK’S “Green” product line. This sealer has been available for many years demonstrating outstanding durability and longevity. For STARDEK I, II and Stamped surfaces. Meets all VOC standards.

Overlay Primer

Primer used specifically for STARDEK overlay systems.

Overlay Modifier

An Industry Icon, this material is a polymer specifically manufactured for stamped and wall overlay applications. Supplied as a concentrate so you can dilute 1 part modifier to 2 parts water.

Overlay Integral Color Pac (all colors)

Color pack used to color STARDEK overlay floor or wall mixes. Colors available in : Brick Red, Cobble Stone, Flagstone Brown, Graphite Black, Harvest Gold, Mesa Buff, Mesquite, Pewter, Sandstone and Slate Green.

Overlay Mix (gray & white)

Specifically formulated cement mixture for stamped overlay applications. This dry mix is added to Overlay Modifier for extreme durability. Available in both standard gray and porcelain (white).

Powdered Release Agent (colored)

Used in many STARDEK and stamped concrete applications available in 5 colors: Autumn Brown, Charcoal Gray, Desert Sand, Platinum Gray, Terra Cotta and Slate Green.

Wall Overlay Mix (gray & white)

Specifically formulated cement mixture for stamped or carved wall applications. Can be applied over drywall, wood, concrete or just about any surface. This dry mix is added to Overlay Modifier for extreme durability. Available in both standard gray and porcelain (white).

Liquid Release

This product is used for stamps, mats, and texture rollers to keep cement from adhering to your tools.

Starchips - Chips are available in 25 lb. cans or 50 lb. boxes

The Highest quality vinyl chips for the popular StarChip coating system. Extremely durable & long-lasting, will not shrink or fade.

Starchip Epoxy Kits

Tinted epoxy used for the StarChip application. Broadcast StarChips into this material and seal. Also great for solid applications.

Durothane Kit (Tinted & Clear)

This two component aliphatic urethane is the ultimate chemical traffic resistant coating. Excellent for heavy industrial and commercial applications. Such as airport hangers. (Multiple colors)

Crown Flex and Crown Tex Primer

A 2 part crosslinking epoxy primer used to prime area of application before CrownFlex or Tex is applied.

Crown Flex and Crown Tex

A single component rubberized polyurethane that can be applied over wood, concrete, metal and fiberglass

Paver Saver

A unique sealer formulated specifically for pavers and bare concrete. Available for decades, it is the ultimate protective coating for expensive pavers, or for just sealing bare concrete.

Tek Gel

Specifically formulated acid gel used for specific applications when liquid acid isn’t appropriate.

STARDEK Degreaser

High grade degreaser used to remove grease from concrete. This is a “must”.

Non-Skid Aggregate

Used to provide a non-skid surface in multiple STARDEK applications.

Available in both clear and buff color.

Jumbo Roller Frame

This heavy duty jumbo roller frame is built to last job after job. It is designed to fit STARDEK’S jumbo roller covers.

Large Nap Roller

High quality roller covers specifically made for Stardek materials.


These paper stencils are used for applying intricate patterns & designs in both cement and cementitious products. (see stencil page for sizes & designs)

Premarked Tape (Every 4 inches)

Why fumble with measuring tapes! This exclusive tape has excellent adhesion properties and makes applying measured patterns a snap!

Masking Tape

Used to mask off a variety of different applications. Sold in individual rolls or by the case. Sizes available in : 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2".

Masking Paper

Paper for protecting painted walls and other surfaces. Saves time on clean-up.

Masking Gun

Used to apply tape and masking paper during preparation stage. Makes masking a breeze!

Corrugated Cardboard

Used in preparation stage to protect house, flowers, and walls from overspray.

Concrete Heat Gun

This durable heat gun is used to dry concrete and cementitious materials.

Rubbing Stone

Valuable tool used to smooth small areas of rough concrete or cementitious coatings.

Plastic Pail Opener (Lid Claw)

A great pail opener!

Floor Chisels

Used to Chisel off any concrete imperfections that need to be removed.

Five in One Tool

This utility tool is a must have on any job.

Crackset Injector

This special gun is designed to apply a two cartridge system.

Used for 2 part Epoxies and STARDEK’S crackset.

18" Floor Scraper

Various uses in STARDEK product

Edger Trowel 6 inch

Highest quality concrete tool for edging wet cementitious products

Fresno Trowel

A durable tool for concrete finishing.

Deck (Pool) Trowel

Well designed specially shaped deck trowel.


Used to tamp down stamps during stamped overlay applications.

Measuring Wheel

Accurate measuring device to quickly figure job square footage. No more clumsy tape measures and looks more professional.

Gauge Rake

An industry standard for applying cement or epoxy to a uniform depth.

Grouting Touchup Wheel

Used for extending Grout pattern lines beyond the edge of mats or stamps.

Sizes available in : 1/4" Flat, 1/4" Round, 3/8" Flat and 3/8" Sanded.

Grouting Tool

This unique tool is made for carving grout lines in both stamped overlay & wall overlay systems.

STARDEK III Texture Shoes

These shoes are used in STARDEK III applications to maintain pattern while walking on surface.

Stardek III Texture Roller

Sturdy roller for applying texture patterns to fresh cement or STARDEK III cementitious coatings.

Large Slate Texture Mat

Used to apply a stone or slate texture to STARDEK III or Overlay products. See stamp master catalog for different selections.

Crack Saw 4" Diamond Blade

Used in the crack chaser saw to grind a “V” in surface before making a repair.

Crack Chaser Saw (w/o blade)

Used to grind out cracks or any imperfections on concrete.

Plastic Pump-Up Sprayer

Used to spray acid stains and other corrosive materials.

Metal Pump-Up Sprayer

This chemical resistant sprayer is used to spray solvent based materials.

Stardust Pot, Gun and Hoses

This specially made gun is manufactured for STARDEK to apply the stardust material system.

Dirt Blaster Turbo Tips

This important pressure washer tip is made to blast off loose paint and concrete.

Hover Scrubber

Circular light weight pressure washer attachment used to clean large amount of surface efficiently. Available in 2 sizes: 16" and 22"

Honda Pressure Washer

3000 PSI, 11 HP Honda engine with a cat pump and non-marking hose. Used to clean and prep concrete before application.

Fold and Stir Blade

Uniquely designed blade made especially for STARDEK custom mixing drill, and drill stand. Used to blend dry powders.

Handheld Mixer

This commercial drill specifically designed to mix our cementitious and xylene based products before spraying.

Custom Mixer Stand

Great to hold mixer and bucket in place while mixing, also increases safety and decreases manpower.

Spraying Mantis Gun

Used to spray cementitious and Crown Flex material onto a variety of surfaces.

Dianna Starchip Hopper Gun

Used to spray StarChips onto concrete surface.

Makita Portable Compressor

This rugged compressor is used to drive the Tech Sprayer, the Stardust spray gun kit, as well as the Spraying Mantis. Just one compressor used for all your needs.

Tex Sprayer RTX 650 w/Gun & Hose

This Tex Sprayer is used to spray all STARDEK cement mixes. Reduces spraying time by half as compared to hand held guns, and is less labor intense. A must have for any professional!

Floor Grinder (Electric)

12 or 24 inch surface grinder used to grind and scarify a cement surface during the preparation stage. Enables you to get some jobs done the same day.

Stardek I and II Color Charts

Exclusive color charts for STARDEK decorative concrete products. Custom blending formulations included.


This program allows you to take a picture of a prospective customer’s job and then with the use of a computer show your customer what it would look like once completed with STARDEK products.

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