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So fall has officially arrived, which means you only have a few months to go before you’ll have to hunker down for the winter months. And when it comes to your driveway and other concrete surfaces, it’s the perfect time to not only upgrade them, but also a great time to treat them in preparation for the long, cold winter.

Decorative concrete, in all its various forms - whether stamped or stained - adds to the overall beauty of your home, both inside and out. Affordable and easy to maintain, decorative concrete is strong and durable, and is an effective option that offers years and years of reliability when properly installed and maintained. When used outside on patios, porches, walkways or any of the other areas that it’s applicable, decorative concrete stands up well to the rigors of the harsh winter season, if treated properly.

Stamped concrete is concrete that is pressed with a large stamp that embosses the concrete with a pattern or texture that is made to resemble various natural and man-made textures such as brick, flagstone, slate, stone, tile, and more. An acid stain can also be used to alter the color of the concrete to match the decor.

Treat Your Concrete

The bitter cold of the winter can be particularly harsh to a concrete slab. The constant changes in temperature, the precipitation, snow, freezing, and more can wreak havoc on a concrete slab and surface. That’s why it’s important to get it treated before winter hits. Otherwise, you could be subjecting your concrete to unnecessary stress, which can cause cracking. With a stamped/stained concrete application, the pros at Concrete Resurfacing Products can add a color hardener that not only helps to preserve the added color, but helps make the concrete more resilient to water penetration. Treating your concrete with several coats of protective sealer helps to block the penetration of dirt, moisture, and the harmful chemicals we subject our driveways to; chemicals such as wintertime de-icer, oil, grease, and assorted car chemicals. Pre-treating also makes the driveway easier to clean.

To find out more about their full line of concrete beautification methods, contact Concrete Resurfacing Products today for a free, written, no-obligation estimate that’s not only affordable, but will help you beautify and lengthen the life of your concrete surfaces.  

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