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When it comes to easy and affordable ways to improve your home, one should never underestimate the value in concrete resurfacing. First of all, with winter right around the corner, it makes good sense to assess and repair the concrete walkways, driveways, and patios around your house to make them safer to walk and drive upon. Stamped concrete is one great way to not only beautify your concrete surfaces, but it also adds texture, which helps greatly in giving you better traction  to avoid slipping, sliding, and falling, especially on winter ice. 

What is Stamped Concrete?

Essentially, stamped concrete is concrete that’s been pressed and embossed with a mold that’s made to resemble a material such as brick, rock, flagstone, and wood. To beautify it even more, stamped concrete can also be colored with an additional accent colors for a special finish to match any decor. Stamped concrete can be applied to a new concrete slab or even added to the top of an existing slab.

Why Stamped Concrete?

Cheaper than stone or concrete pavers, stamped concrete is not only easy to have professionally installed by a concrete expert, but it requires little to no maintenance once installed. Its durability also makes it a money-saver long into its lifespan, giving you years and years of value and effortless beauty.

Popular Options

Since stamped concrete can be embossed and colored in virtually pattern and hue, it’s incredibly versatile and can be used to match any decor. Natural stone patterns are usually most popular, making them a “natural” choice for outdoor settings. In addition, you can opt for brick or wood patterns for both indoor and outdoor application. When it comes to color, while earth tones and grays tend to stand out as favorites, you can choose whatever color you’d like to suit all your specific spaces.

How About DIY Stamped Concrete?

While the concept of stamped concrete seems simple in concept, there are certain aspects of the way concrete “behaves” that can either make or - pardon the pun - break the project. Improper installation can cause the slab to break prematurely, causing you to have to repair or replace the concrete sooner than you have to, which means additional work and expense. In addition, the tools and materials needed to properly install a stamped concrete surface can cost hundreds of dollars.

That’s why you should trust a concrete expert for all your stamped concrete projects around your house and your business. The pros at Concrete Resurfacing Products will not only consult with you on your individual project, offering you advice and know-how, but they can also provide a portfolio of their past projects and list of satisfied clients.

Contact Concrete Resurfacing Products today for additional information on how they can help you beautify and renovate all your concrete surfaces.

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