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It’s officially pool season!

Time to prep the pool, pull out the lounge chairs, inflate the rafts, and hit the water!  Since it’s quite likely that you’ll be spending a majority of your time outside for the next few months - whether it’s for a pool party, cookout or just a lazy day lounging by the pool - you’ll want to make sure that your pool deck is aesthetically ready and safe for use.

Since the pool deck spends a lot of time wet, exposed to the elements, and in direct sunlight, it’s more susceptible to wear and damage. Not to mention, the traction must always be at its best to ensure safety in preventing hazardous slips and falls.

The concrete professionals at Concrete Resurfacing Products offer quality concrete resurfacing solutions that help to restore and beautify your pool deck, porches, patios, driveways, walkways, garages, and anywhere else you have a concrete surface. One such solution that’s perfect for a pool deck is stamped concrete.

Stamped Concrete

Offering a seemingly endless assortment of colors to match with any combination of surroundings, stamped concrete can be chosen to blend with other stone or tile elements, exposed aggregate finishes, and acid staining to create a variety of looks that are not only stylish and cohesive, but safe and easy to install. Because of its versatility in imitating pavers and beautiful natural stone, stamped concrete remains a superior alternative, given its durability and lower price when compared that of actual stone or pavers. Some of the most popular patterns for a pool deck are:


Flagstone – With its distinct irregular pattern , flagstone stamped concrete incorporates a variety of earth tones to produce a very natural look. It also doesn’t get as hot as real flagstone, which is perfect for tender feet on a pool deck on a hot summer day.


Slate – Perfect for use on a pool deck, you can have your concrete stamped with any one of a number of distinct slate patterns and colors to suit your style. Whether fractured slate, ashlar slate, cottage slate or any of the other slate patterns available, you’ll surely add both style and function to your pool deck with a slate concrete stamp.


Brick – With all the charm and appeal of old world architecture, concrete stamped with a brick pattern is probably the most common and traditional option available. To make it ultra-versatile, there are also a variety of brick patterns you can choose from for stylish flair.

Choosing a Pattern

When choosing a pattern for a pool deck, it’s important to keep a few key points in mind. Traction should be paramount. What good is a beautiful pool deck that you can’t walk on safely when it’s wet? In addition, it should also be comfortable enough to walk on with bare feet. Consider how much standing water each pattern and its respective grooves will hold. If it holds too much water for too long, it’s prone to growing mold and mildew, and would require frequent cleaning.

Consult with a Professional

For nearly 20 years, thousands of satisfied customers have trusted Concrete Resurfacing Products with their concrete upgrades and renovations. In addition to their longstanding commitment to quality and value you can trust, they offer you a free consultation and estimate.

Contact Concrete Resurfacing Products today to see how they can help you turn your pool into your dream summertime oasis!


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