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Our premium Stardek brand of concrete resurfacing products, made by the reputable Color Crown Corporation, work just as well inside as they do outside. However, now that spring has sprung, we’ve got outdoors spaces on our minds! Outdoor concrete typically begins looking worn faster due to inclement weather conditions and other factors. Driveways in particular really take a beating from rain, heat and heavy loads. Fortunately, professionally coated or resurfaced concrete stands up to the elements better and can make any yard area look that much more inviting. We have years and years of experience working with front and backyard concrete. Here are just a few of the types of outdoor concrete surfaces we could expertly refinish for you this spring….



Whether your patio is a narrow concrete strip for a bench and a flowerpot or a full outdoor kitchen and dining room, we can come up with a design to make it look more beautiful than ever. Using stamps and stains we can create the appearance of laid brick, tile or stone. For a sleek, contemporary twist on the garden seating area, we can also leave the concrete’s pattern the same and change just its texture.


Pool Decks

Pool decks are a perfect opportunity to get creative with your concrete but few people take the plunge! We think plain gray surrounds just can’t do private in-ground pools justice. Stamped concrete complements sparkling blue water perfectly. Plus, organic stone patterns can give your pool the look of a quaint natural pond. One of the greatest benefits to resurfacing concrete around a pool is that our products go directly on top of the existing deck – no demo needed! Our protective coatings will ultimately make your pool deck longer lasting since they’re resistant to salt, chlorine, UV and more.



Updating the driveway has about as much impact on the look of your property as repainting your home’s exterior or installing new shutters and flowerboxes. It increases the curb appeal… all the way to curb! Of course, this also means that it can raise your property value. A simple decorative border around the perimeter of the drive is a subtle and timeless resurfacing option. A top-to-bottom stamp or stencil, on the other hand, can turn the driveway into an interesting bit of architecture. Full patterns add nice visual flow to homes with pre-existing stone walk ups and accents. With a nearly limitless collection of finishes and acid stain color combinations at our disposal, matching the driveway to the aesthetic style of the rest of your home can be done in a cinch. We can even resurface surrounding walkways and entrances to complement our handiwork.


If you’re hoping to spend more time outdoors while the weather is nice AND enhance the overall feel of your outdoor living zones, give us a call this month! We’d love to hear from you!

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