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Springtime is just around the bend so there’s no better time than now to start thinking about the patio. Your patio should be a retreat from it all. Plain concrete, especially cracked or uneven concrete, just isn’t appealing. With our concrete resurfacing system, we can take any concrete surface, including your patio, from drab gray to fabulous and functional.
The following are some of our favorite patio finishes that you may want to consider for your own outdoor living space…  

Traditional Brick

For a look that’s a bit more traditional and polished, a brick border or a full red brick stamp goes a long way. If your home is already a traditional brick structure, we can match the color of the bricks on your exterior walls. For a fully stamped, bricked walk, there are several designs we can achieve. You may want your “bricks” laid in straight rows, diagonal lines or some sort of interlocking pattern – we can do it all with our fast-acting refinishing products. Now because our products chemically react with concrete, rather than just sitting on top like paint, the brick pattern we create will resemble a charming, hand-lain design as opposed to a faux finish. Plus, it will have plenty of texture.   

Clean, Simple Lines

Another fantastic way to enhance a concrete patio is with block patterns and nice, straight lines. We offer a large variety of square tile stamps that look good in a rainbow of colors from slate blue to Georgia red clay. Because most patios are already square or rectangular themselves, a square tile concrete design ultimately leaves it looking clean and well thought out. Alternatively, stamping the design on an angle with the sides of your patio can add a ton of visual interest to your outdoor oasis.   

Exotic Tile Shapes

If clean and simple isn’t exciting enough for you, we can also replicate more unconventional tile shapes such as triangles, diamonds and hexagons. A center medallion is a popular solution for the homeowner who wants more of a pattern, but not a fully patterned patio. Normally, this means a circular stamped shape in the middle of the patio in a pattern of their choosing.

Natural Stone Designs

In order to bring about the look of real stone, we normally don’t create any specific shape. Instead, we stamp in a random assortment of shapes with organic curves and corners that fit together perfectly. Imagine how much easier our process is than actually fitting stones together! It’s much more affordable than real stone, too. Our stone designs take patios to the next level. They look absolutely beautiful leading up to a lush green yard and they can be done in a variety of colors. You could even coordinate your floors with your outdoor furniture! Out of all of our refinishing projects, natural stone imitation usually involves the most texturization. For that reason, it’s one of the finishes we’re most proud of.  

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