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Late fall to mid-winter is the ideal season for pool construction, including pool deck resurfacing. The busiest time for pool contractors is early spring, right before school lets out. This rule applies to both new pool builders and pool remodelers. Our company falls into the latter category. If you have an existing pool area surrounded by dull, graying concrete, resurfacing before spring could completely rejuvenate your backyard paradise. If you start setting up your pool deck refinishing plans now, you could easily have the project completed before the spring rush. With our advanced resurfacing system, there’s no need to demo the old concrete. We can quickly add pretty colors, borders, stone designs and other trimmings to your pool’s concrete deck.

Imagine having a brand new-looking pool by the time the temperatures rise! With our unpredictable weather patterns here in Georgia there could be pool-worthy temps in just a matter of weeks. Getting an early start at the beginning of the year would prepare you and your family for early spring fun! Beating the rush that isn’t the only benefit to beginning a pool build in the winter, however. Another reason that spring and summer would be terrible times to refinish your pool zone is that the resurfacing time would inevitably take away from time you could be spending enjoying the pool you work hard to maintain.  

Often, when homeowners design their first pool, they fail to consider using anything other than plain concrete slabs for the deck. Fortunately, we can turn plain concrete slabs into beautiful stone and brick patios using our stamps, stencils, and stains. We can even create the look of tile. If your pool deck is starting to crack, then it’s definitely time for a resurface. Cracks are unattractive and they can be a huge safety hazard. We can fill in the cracks and add slip-resistant texture to your backyard swimming pool surround.

Our versatile Stardek brand resurfacing products can be applied to all sound concrete surfaces, even if they’re decades old or oddly shaped. The overlay products we use blend polymer resins with cement, sand and other additives to improve almost everything about the existing concrete base they cover. They can also resist damage from salt, pool chemicals such as chlorine, UV exposure, freeze-thaw conditions and abrasion. If you think you’re ready to dive into a pool deck resurfacing project, be sure to call us before spring has sprung!

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