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There a lot of misconceptions when it comes to both concrete resurfacing and home remodeling in general. Many individuals who know they’d love to redo their floors, finish their basement, fix up their crumbling driveway or reconfigure their kitchen are hesitant to take on the project due to the misguided belief that they don’t have the time or the knowledge! When clients come to us wanting a new patio or a fresh floor inside their home, we work fast to minimize the interruptions that resurfacing might create. As for the knowledge, we are always happy to answer any and all questions you could have about concrete resurfacing.

The following is a glimpse into a typical refinishing timeline. Every job is different, of course. Things like the size of the concrete surface, the condition of the subfloor or base layer concrete and even the weather can affect a job’s timeline. Still, we think you’ll find that a newly refinished concrete surface is closer than you think!


The worse your concrete surface looks, the longer you’d think it would take to resurface. But this isn’t really the case. We can handle virtually any concrete floor in any condition, even if it’s cracked, stained or riddled with potholes. There is no need for you to demolish a cracked stained, pitted or delaminated driveway, patio, walk up or basement floor. Our concrete professionals can repair the cracks and re-level the existing slab before applying the final decorative coating in your choice of design. This no-demo method saves time and money compared to replacing the area with plain concrete… and it will look better, too. Once you’ve decided to work with us, we can usually begin the resurfacing process within a few days.


A typical outdoor resurfacing job, from the front stoop to the driveway apron, will take 3 to 5 days, weather permitting. This includes leveling out any high or low areas, pouring the new coatings and adding the desired colors or patterns. You won’t be able to use whatever areas are being worked on so we can break the job up into phases if you want. When you can start using the new surfaces all depends on temperature, humidity and other conditions. Driveways, garage floors, aprons and most other areas can be used just 24 hours after the final touches have been put in place.


Our concrete resurfacing system uses highly modified resins, bonding agents and colorants which are mixed according to the exact needs of each job. It will adhere to virtually any kind of concrete, adding durability and beauty wherever it’s applied. Even the most elaborate stamped concrete designs will hold up well against extreme heat and cold for many years. Additionally, if you decide to change it up again after a few years, our products can be applied again so you can recreate your resurfaced area as much as you want.

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