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When it came time to pick the line of products we wanted to use for our company, we did a lot of research. We attended seminars, training classes, made phone calls and gathered samples for all sorts of concrete coating manufacturers. Eventually, we found a product line that stood above the rest. Again and again, we choose to use this product for each new job we complete. Should you choose to get a concrete area around your home or business resurfaced, we think you’ll see why. Here are the top five reasons we chose to partner up with STARDEK Products…

1. Industry Leadership

Color-Crown Corporation, manufacturer of STARDEK Concrete Coatings Products has been the leader in the Decorative Concrete Industry since 1972. Many “crete-of-the-weeks” claiming to be innovators are simply recycling the ideas STARDEK came up with over 30 years ago. Their reputation for innovation and their many years of experience told us right away that these decorative concrete finishes are the real deal – functional, durable and beautiful.

2. Great Quality

STARDEK brand coating techniques and formulas have continued to be improved upon year after year since their invention. These finishes stand up to wear and tear better than many of their competitors’ coatings. They work in all climates. They’re versatile, grease resistant, mildew resistant and their success rate is practically 100%.

3. Plenty of Product Variety

STARDEK has thirteen different concrete coating systems so whether the concrete surface you’re working on is in a commercial space or a residential space, we can find the product most suited for the job. Combine the multitude of systems with all the stamp and color possibilities we offer and the number of options (and the potential for customization) is limitless.

4. Convenient Installation Process

Unlike some other concrete finishing products that require pouring fresh concrete, STARDEK can be put on previously poured surfaces. Indoors or outdoors, nearly new or many years old, if it’s made of concrete, we can refinish it and enhance its beauty.

5. Affordability

Another attribute that originally drew us to the STARDEK family of products was the low startup cost. Because they’ve never charged us an arm and a leg for things like training seminars and raw materials, we don’t have to make up for those costs by jacking up our prices. In other words, STARDEK is the most affordable line of concrete coatings for our customers! The fact that it’s a refinisher that doesn’t require a newly poured surface ultimately saves you an additional chunk of change.

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