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We’re of the opinion that the patio is the most versatile room of the house …and it's it not even in the house. Whether you call it a patio, a veranda, a porch or a courtyard, chances are you’re doing a huge variety of activities back there in the course of a year. It can be an outdoor kitchen one minute and a dining room the next. In a single day, it may be 15% garden, 10% craft room, 25% library and 50% sitting room. We say use your patio for whatever you feel like… just make sure it’s 100% you first! 
Is your patio cracking, crumbling or just plain boring? Is your patio ready for sunny spring days and hot summer nights? After what was a very rough winter, the weather is getting warmer and now is the perfect time to take the stained, boring concrete outside your home and turn it into a fabulous outdoor floor. There's nothing like relaxing outside and there's no better place to do so than on a comfy chair on a beautifully resurfaced patio. When you get your patio resurfaced by us, you’re getting concrete that stays looking beautiful for years. We offer lots of different stain colors and finish options.    

Stamped overlays
are an affordable way to get the attractive look of brick, stone or tile without having to build a patio from scratch. You may choose to keep things simple and timeless with a stone or brick border or go bold by stamping the whole area. It’s all up to you. Stamping the whole slab can add a lot of visual interest and personal pizzazz to an outdoor living space. Plus, the stamped layer's final coating will provide superior protection to your concrete for the many hot and cold seasons ahead.

Perhaps you already like the look of your patio. It just needs a fresh coat of paint, so to speak. No problem! What you need is a chemical stain treatment or decorative coating. Concrete chemical stains, also called acid stains, allow you to change the color of the patio you already have and create a totally unique living space. Color options range from grays and browns to reds and teals, so you are sure to find something you love. Other decorative coatings can bring texture and color to your little relaxation station. It's all just a matter of discovering what you like. Call us to get started today!

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