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Acid stains are a particularly popular concrete refinishing option.  They’re a stylish and afford Acid Stains – Indoors or Out

Acid stains are a particularly popular concrete refinishing option and one we’ve fully mastered here at Concrete Resurfacing Products. They’re a stylish and affordable choice for indoor concrete floors but they also look quite fetching on patios, walkways, pool decks and other outdoor areas. Our company uses only highly penetrating, highly saturated stains for our stamped acid stain projects. What these products do is chemically react with cured concrete to produce rich, lasting color effects. Our chemical stains are ideal for basements, kitchens, stamped patterns and produces that much-sought-after, one-of-a-kind weathered appearance that beautifully highlights any blemishes, swirls or veins in your concrete surfaces.

The Acid Stain Process

The whole acid staining process is quick and simple but shouldn’t be left to amateurs seeing as there are harsh chemicals being put to use! The first step, after clearing out the space completely of course, is to thoroughly wash the concrete surface that will be stained. The area must be clean and free of all paint, wax, grease, dirt and other contaminants. We will completely handle this phase (and all other phases!) of the staining process so there’s no need to pre-clean. In fact, regular household cleaners may even contain chemicals that will conflict with our acid stains, so leave all the sweeping, mopping and vacuuming to our experts. Once that’s done, you’re ready for staining! This typically takes multiple spray coats, particularly if you’re looking for bold color. Drying time will depend on temperature, humidity and volume but it may take several hours. The colors are also likely to darken as it dries so don’t worry if it looks too light. A final washing can be done and that’ll about do it – the whole stain process can be done in just a day or two!

Colors, Patterns and Designs

The main purpose of an acid stain is to add vibrant color to your concrete but, while we’re handling the stain, we can also add any stamps and textures you might want. Tile-style stamps work splendidly with acid stains, particularly outdoors. You can even alternate stain colors within tile outlines to create multi-color design schemes! Our most popular stains, for both patterned and solid floors, are the warm natural tones – red, tan and brown. Gray, blue and green tones are also available. When it’s all said and done, not only will your floors be smooth, sleek and richly pigmented, they’ll also be easy to maintain and more wear-resistant than ever. Call today to learn more about concrete acid stain.


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