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Looking for a simple yet impactful home improvement project to tackle this summer? Upgrading your concrete floors is a quick and easy way to improve your home’s appearance indoors and out! If you’re not familiar with the resurfacing process, the massive range of uses and style possibilities may come as a surprise to you. Here are five facts you should know before you really start planning your project…  

1. Any floor design can be re-created with concrete finishes.

The visual effects of concrete stamps and stains used to be limited to basic tile and brick patterns but the refinishing systems have come a long way since then. With our coloring products, stamps, stencils and texturizing tools, we can imitate the look of natural stone floors, intricate tiling, even hardwood! A basic decorative border enhances outdoor spaces whereas wall-to-wall indoor stenciling really wows. We can combine multiple patterns on one surface for custom designs. With a full spectrum of finishes and acid stain colors at our disposal, you can perfectly coordinate your concrete with your décor or exterior architecture.

2. Concrete resurfacing adds durability.

Resurfaced floors not only look better - they age better too. If your current driveway, patio or basement is cracked or stained, a full resurfacing will restore it to its original luster. Isolated crack repair jobs leave unattractive veins and offer only a short-term crack solution. Resurfacing completely erases stains, holes and cracks. Stardek brand coatings are extra durable, scratch resistant and stain resistant.

3. Concrete resurfacing saves you money.

Our products and services are economical. We offer competitive pricing among concrete finishers and, as compared to the cost of other flooring options, we can save you hundreds of dollars in materials alone. Bricks, tiles and natural stone slabs themselves are quite expensive. Factor in the fact that laying these types of floors also requires additional labor and construction steps and it’s easy to see how the bill for these flooring methods can blow up fast.

4. Concrete resurfacing adds value.

In addition to being affordable, concrete resurfacing can actually make you money in a resale as well. A resurfaced driveway or basement in particular can become a major selling point by bringing a touch of elegance to an unexpected area of the property.

5. The whole process can take less than a week.

On top of saving you money, concrete resurfacing saves you time! With refinishing, there is no need to “demo” your old floors. Our experts can repair and re-level the existing slab before applying the final decorative coating. Once a design is decided on, the average project takes just 3 to 5 days to complete, weather permitting. This includes leveling, pouring new coatings and drying. Driveways, garages, porches and most other areas can be used just 24 hours after “final touches” have been added.


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