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The Perks of Resurfacing Your Parking Pad

There are many benefits to resurfacing your driveway. The aesthetic benefits are just the beginning! There are also practical and financial benefits to making way for the new and paving over the old. We’ve come up with six huge perks to perking up your parking pad.

1. Resurfacing minimizes imperfections.

If your current driveway is cracked or stained, a full resurfacing is definitely for you. Quick crack repair leaves ugly veins behind. Resurfacing completely covers past accidents such as oil and paint spills as well as those pesky, naturally-occurring cracks.

2. Resurfacing adds concrete protection.

Resurfaced driveways look better and age better than non-resurfaced driveways. With a Stardek Concrete Coating topping everything off, adding durability and your driveway will have unrivaled beauty that lasts!

3. Resurfacing can increase your property’s resale value.

One feature that usually gets looked over in the quest for curb appeal, but can actually make a huge difference once addressed is the driveway. In most cases, it’s the first thing people see. Reworking your driveway to echo the exterior beauty of your house will add great visual impact to your property which lets you up the price tag when it comes time to sell!

4. Resurfacing lets you express your style.

A decorative border around the perimeter can really enhance where you park while a top-to-bottom stamp or stencil pattern makes a stunning statement. A full pattern adds fantastic visual flow to homes with pre-existing stone walk ups and accents. We can stamp brick, stone or both. With a full spectrum of finishes and acid stain colors at our disposal, don’t worry about coordinating the driveway with the rest of your home. We can match your driveway to your home’s exterior as much as you want and resurface any surrounding sidewalks or entrances to complement the two.

5. Resurfacing means you can start landscaping.

For lots whose front yards are largely dominated by the driveway, an all-over stone stamp can turn a boring gray slab into a natural extension of the landscape. Large front yards may be scarcer than they once were but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the most of what you’re given.

6. Resurfacing lets you use your driveway in new ways. 

If you were letting cracks and potholes keep you and your family from using your driveway from fun activities like shooting hoops, scribbling hopscotches, getting it resurfaced will be like gaining a game room!

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