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One of the concrete’s greatest assets is that it’s low maintenance. It’s so low maintenance, in fact, that when it comes time to clean or maintain it, you aren’t exactly sure how to go about it. Proper maintenance is essential to keeping your concrete in optimum condition longer, regardless of the type of concrete floor you have.

Let’s start with indoor concrete flooring since it’s a little easier to care for. It usually has more of a finish than outdoor concrete and it isn’t vulnerable to weather damage so, day in and day out, it stays pretty clean. As with any floor, though, dirt, dust and grime can begin building up over time. 

More often than not, the only cleaning your resurfaced concrete needs is a quick dry mop.  Dry mop stained interior concrete floors with a soft cotton mop head to remove dust and other debris. You may choose to mop with a washable dusting head or a disposable dirt-grabbing device like a Swiffer. As long as you’re using soft fibers to avoid finish-scratching, you’re good to go.

If you don’t think the dry method is getting rid of all the dirt, an occasional damp mopping can also be useful.  Apply a damp mop with a mild cleanser to a small section of your interior concrete flooring to remove surface dirt. Then use a clean cotton towel to dry each section of freshly-washed concrete before you move on to the next portion of flooring so you know the dirt really came off. In a bind, a mild dish detergent makes a good floor cleaner. Washing and drying the floor in sections ensures that no section of flooring remains wet for an extended period. Concrete floors, especially stained concrete, can discolor slightly if moisture is not removed promptly.

On to exterior concrete! Push a stiff bristled broom up and down your exterior concrete surfaces to remove leaves, pine needles, other large pieces of debris and surface dust. After sweeping, use a garden hose to remove the more set-in dirt from your outdoor concrete. A hose with a pressure nozzle would work especially well. For outdoor stains, some light scrubbing with a diluted bleach solution should do the trick. Just pour bleach on the stain, rinse with hot water and scrub. Repeat until the stain is gone. Re-sealing your exterior concrete floors regularly will protect the concrete from the environment and wear-and-tear from heavy traffic.

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