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After a tough winter, we’re dreaming of warm afternoons and relaxing backyard dinners here at Concrete Resurfacing Products. Sadly, there’s nothing really relaxing about plain concrete or a rough, cracked patio. Resurfaced concrete can take your backyard from “blah” to beautiful. Whether your backyard needs a new patio, better walks or an improved pool deck, our concrete resurfacing experts can help you achieve a look you absolutely love.  
Our resurfacing products can be applied to all sound concrete surfaces, even if they’re decades old or oddly shaped. Meaning, even if you think your patio is past the point of being salvageable, our products can erase years and years of wear and tear. The overlay products we use blend polymer resins with cement, sand and other additives to improve almost everything about the existing concrete base they cover, particularly its aesthetics. When you hire our company, you can get the stone or brick-paved patio you’ve always dreamed of at a shockingly affordable price. Even the simplest patio remodeling projects can have a huge impact on a yard. Of course, if you desire something more complex, using our system, you can also create special shapes and textures inspired by your favorite interior styles and vacation spots.  

Not all backyards have spacious patios and not all homeowners want a whole lot of concrete behind their home. Still, having a firm, dry place to walk can be beneficial. Walkways often help make more parts of a home’s landscaping easily accessible. When they’re made up of concrete, however, they don’t often help enhance the look and feel of the outdoor space. At least, not until they’ve been resurfaced. We can redo a concrete walkway and turn it into an inviting brick path, a romantic stone route or a lovely tiled trail.   

Pool Decks 
If your pool deck is currently made up of dull, graying concrete, there are a million things we can do to rejuvenate your whole pool area without ever having to tear up the deck. Often, when homeowners design their first pool, they fail to consider all the creative finishes that can be applied to a basic concrete surface. We can turn plain concrete slabs into a cool, colorful space using our stamps, stencils, and stains. We can even create the look of tile. For pools, we think large scale stone patterns looks especially stylish. Texturized concrete trimmed with faux brick borders or thin stone borders coordinate nicely with in-ground pools too. Best of all, our protective Stardek brand finishing products help your deck resist damage from salt, pool chemicals, UV exposure, abrasion and more.

If any of the concrete surfaces around your home are starting to show their age, it’s definitely time to consider resurfacing. Give us a call today and we could have your project completed just in time for spring!

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