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Refinishing your basement? Chances are your basement already has a concrete floor. Lucky for you, thanks to its polished yet organic appearance, concrete has become a much sought after flooring material for interior designers across the country. Variations of concrete flooring, stained, colored, stamped or otherwise captivatingly customized, can be found in countless trendy spaces. It only makes sense to capitalize on this concrete trend in the basement where it’s already poured and leveled!

There are many long term benefits to utilizing indoor concrete instead of carpet on the lowest floor of your home. When it comes to residential properties, concrete is definitely not just for the garage anymore. A finished concrete floor can elevate your basement floor from run-of-the-mill gray to uncommonly cool. The process is simple. In many situations, all you have to do is apply thin layers of concrete to a base concrete slab. And in the basement you’ve already got that base slab!

On top of the base, you can add virtually any visual design of choice. Wait for it to dry, layer on a top coat sealer and you’re done! Your floor will be gorgeous and super easy to maintain for as long as you want. Oftentimes the hardest part of installing indoor concrete is choosing a style. The design and color options at your disposal are nearly limitless! With stamps and stains, Arizona flagstone, rich Mexican tile and even hardwoods can be achieved in concrete. Forget gray concrete and start picturing peaceful blues, spicy reds and warm chocolate browns.    

Taking moisture and humidity into account is of paramount importance when it comes to basement flooring. Hardwoods in humid climates can warp and split. Carpeting absorbs moisture in the air (and pesky allergens!) which can lead to potential mold issues. Concrete is breathable and mold-resistant to withstand the dampness of a basement.  With the protective sealer, the flooring surface is extremely easy to clean and maintain as well. You probably already vacuum your bedrooms and upstairs living areas. Why add the basement to the mix? With concrete floors, you just grab a cloth, a mop or a broom and they’ll be sparkly clean in no time!

One last benefit of basement concrete floors, in addition to how easy they are to install and maintain, is how easy they can be changed. If you’re thinking of selling your home, the next owner can install carpet or wood right on top. That’s a win-win.

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