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You already go above and beyond to make your business space beautiful. Having an attractive professional workspace, whether it’s a retail showroom or a communications hub, can positively impact the way clients (and competitors) view your business – no doubt about it! So why settle for generic industrial carpet on top of unfinished concrete subfloor when you can have a fully customized, easy-to-maintain, polished concrete floor.

Many business owners are already catching on to the dazzling spectacle that a polished concrete floor can create. The durable and sophisticated installation process brings life to any room, and business owners from all over the country are now seeking to reap the benefits. The ease of maintenance, the durability and the clean, shiny appearance that we already mentioned are just a few of the reasons why a business would want a polished concrete floor. Yet another reason is the ability the company has to incorporate their business logo directly into the floor in whatever styles and colors the designer desires.

Having a company logo in the middle of the floor is a much sleeker way of branding your building as opposed to hanging up a banner. It’s more front-and-center than a window decal and it’s much more aesthetically pleasing than a recreation of your logo in tile. On a symbolic level, a concrete logo represents the dependability and stability of the company. Careful placement of your in-floor logo will serve as a clear message to all customers that visit the establishment. The mind of the visitor will automatically associate the business with the sparkle, strength and a high standard of excellence. That’s what we hope our customers associate our own name with, after all.

The benefits of concrete flooring go far beyond what many business owners can even imagine. The benefits of installing your company logo along with it are truly immeasurable. It’s all about leaving a lasting impression. There is no way that the customer will not take your business seriously if you’ve made your unique company symbol an illustrious and permanent part of the flooring. The same way that a message etched in stone might carry more weight than those written on notebook paper, a company logo in poured concrete speaks volumes. Every entrepreneur should constantly be in search of ways improve their business. Polished concrete flooring with the permanent stamp of the company logo would definitely up the ante in your work environment. Plus, with our precise installation methods, even elaborate and delicate logos can be set in stone!     

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