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If you’re itching to put your house on the market or ready to settle in for ten more years, curb appeal is something everybody could use a little more of. One feature that usually gets looked over in the quest for curb appeal, but can actually make a huge difference once addressed, is the driveway. In most cases, it’s the first thing people see! Reworking your driveway to echo the exterior beauty of your house will add great visual impact to your property. Whether you live in a house of bricks, stucco or stone, we can build you a driveway that dazzles.

For a more basic look, a decorative border can really enhance the place you park. When making a decorative border, we simply use a stamp or stencil to follow the outline of either your entire drive or of each individual slab that forms it. We can stamp brick patterns, stone paths or a combination of both. With a full spectrum of coatings, cement and acid stain colors at our disposal, you don’t have to worry about the driveway coordinating with the rest of your home. We promise to match your concrete and your home’s exterior as closely as possible and we can resurface any surrounding sidewalks or entrances to complement the new driveway.

For a bold look, a top-to-bottom stamp or stencil pattern makes a stunning statement. We think a full pattern adds fantastic contrast to stucco and wood paneled homes. On the other hand, it also adds nice visual flow to homes with pre-existing stone walk ups and homes with stone accent pieces in their façade. For lots whose front yards are largely dominated by the driveway, an all over stone stamp turns what once was little more than a big concrete eye sore into a natural extension of the landscape. Large front yards may be scarcer than they once were but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the most of what you’re given. Think of that boring square slab as a blank canvas, ready and waiting for your personal touch.    

Aside from looking more attractive than plain concrete driveways, resurfaced driveways age nicely. If your current driveway is already cracked or stained then there’s really no better time for you to resurface with style than now. Bare minimum crack repair leaves ugly veins behind; full resurfacing minimizes imperfections. Using a Stardek Concrete Coating to top it all off will add unrivaled beauty and protection to your property. Talk about curb appeal that lasts! 

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