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Garage Floor Resurfacing - Upgrading Your Garage

The garage isn’t really outside but it’s not quite inside either. It’s an in-between zone that has to hold up to the wear and tear of weather, grease, oil, dirty tires, dirty shoes and much, much more. It needs a concrete floor that can stand up to everything we throw at it from leaky engines to muddy sports equipment. Fortunately, concrete finished with our advanced resurfacing products is naturally less susceptible to cracks, stains and general dinginess. Plus, it looks amazing.
Don’t let your garage go unprotected… this summer, consider resurfacing!      

Bold Colors
A car is a beautiful thing. Why not give it a beautiful place to park? A couple of cold, gray chunks of concrete does not qualify. Just imagine how cool your vehicle could look with a smooth, stain resistant floor beneath it! Simply adding color by applying a stain to a gray concrete floor can completely transform a garage. We can achieve every color you can imagine with our concrete stains from warm oranges to unique blue-greens. For the garage, red tones establish a sporty environment for storing sports equipment and sports cars alike. Tan or chocolate brown can hide residues while creating a nice, natural look.  

Elegant Borders
Because the garage typically isn’t a living space or an entertainment area, flooring designs for the space are generally kept simple. A subtle border adds just enough visual interest and textural detailing to a home’s transitional spaces like walkways and garages. Plus, they can help define the space, separating different areas of a large, open garage or dividing the garage away from the rest of the house. Decorative borders are easy to complete and still have all the protective qualities of a full-floor stamp. Popular border stamp choices include stone, brick and thin rectangular tile shapes. With any stylish stamped concrete border, your garage floor will stay looking as good for years to come.

Wall-to-Wall Tile Patterns
One of the most impressive finished garage looks is the full tile option. A stamped tile floor can turn any garage into a seamless extension of your home’s interiors. Squares and diamond patterns bring order and balance to a traditionally cluttered space. Neutral-colored tile, on the other hand, can really give a garage an upscale appearance. Depending on which room your garage door connects to, changing the finish on your garage concrete can make quite an impact on your home’s overall flow.
If your garage floor could use a makeover, feel free to check out our garage gallery for inspiration or give us a call to talk about all the other patterns, colors and textures available!   

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